Most Chinese families practice attachment parenting. This type of parenting causes many issues when children start to sleep independently around age 5 - 10. Based on this cultural pattern, I created a smart companion product for children and parents to make independent sleep transition easier.
Project Overview

Smart Product Design
July - August 2018
Maker Workshop
Group Project


Xiaonan Yang
Siyu An
Yukai Shao
Xuehui Zhang


Team Leader, User Research, Experience Mapping, Prototyping, Interaction Design, Visual Design



Challenge: Sleep issues of 5-10 year old children in chinese family
In China, children usually sleep independently around age 5 - 10 because of attachment parenting, whereas children in US start to sleep independently since infant age. Bedtime time resistance appear to be a prevalent sleep problem for children who go through the transition from sleeping with parents to sleeping on their own. When going through this phase, many families face the following chanlenges:
1. High consumption of energy and time for parents
2. Bad sleep habits for children
3. Low independency of children
Competitor Analysis
User Research
I interviewed mothers that have kids ranging from 2-11 year old, a kindergarten teacher, and people with young siblings.
"Sometimes, she listen to my friends more than me just because they are not a family member."
"It’s easy to trick my little sister, because she believe in things that she couldn’t understand for now."
"I don’t like the type of products that combine sleep trainer and baby monitor, because they do not encourage communication between me and my son."
"I believe attachment parenting is not good for children’s independency. I try to cultivate good sleep routine and habits to my daughters when they are young, so that they will be persistent to it."
Experience Map
Design Concept
Concept Development
Sun Wukong (Monkey King), is the main character in the16th century epic Chinese novel, Journey to the West. Featured in body of legends, he is a representation of supernatural power in Chinese culture. In the novel, Wukong faithfully help Tang Sanzang on his journney to retrieve the Buddhist sutras, becuase Tang's safety is constantly under threat from demons and other supernatural beings. Wukong often use his weapon, the golden codgel, to draw a circle on the ground around Tang to protect him. Our design is inspired by the classical plot, and Wukong’s firgure.
Final Design
Information Architecture
User Interface