Recooked - Sustainable way of diet

Culinary experiments | Illustration
Individual project
April 2018
Project Overview
Food waste became colossal inefficient use of resourses in global scale. It exists in all stages of food supply chain, from production to dishes on our tables. As we are reaching the ecological limits that our planet can bear, this issue is never more urgent to be handled. In this project, I designed a set of dishes and menu to bring awareness of sustainable way of diet
Background Research
Waste in Global Food Supply
The current situation of global food supply chain is described in the following graph. From the information collected on food supply chain, I found out that more than half of the food produced are wasted from the beginning to the end of food supply chain. But every one of us can reduce some of the waste if we all take little actions.
I chose to focus on the retailing and consumption processes of food supply chain, because these processes are related to everyone, and this is the part where we can all make improvement. During retailing and consumption processes, food are wasted due to overstock, excess order, expiration etc. Additionally, many uncommon parts of plants and animals that get thrown away are perfectly edible and nutiricious.
User Research
Card-sorting Interview

In order to reduce food waste, it is important to learn how to impact their habits. To obtain a deep understanding on why people consider some plants and meat as “useless” or uncommon food materials, I created a set of cards and had conversation with people in various cultural background.

Stereotypes of food materials are formed by many factors. The reasons for impression of edibility and willingness to eat are in the following form.
Historical Facts

In the hunting period of human history, organ meats were common in humans’ diet, and were consumed first as speical treat. However, due to the commercialization of meat production, organ meat gradually disappeared in our diet.

Final Recipes
To inform audiences the nutrition and benefits of the organs and body parts, I created interactive popup booklet menu.
Next Step
While the above deliverables is feasible, I will continue experimenting on it. At the same time, I am also curious to explore other approaches to raise awareness of sustainable way of diet.