IxD Principle - Functional Minimalism

Motion Graphics| Interaction Design
Individual project
September - October 2019
Design Brief
The goal of the project is to quickly and effectively inform audiences the meaning of functional minimalism, one of the interaction design principles, through a digital prototype and an animation video.
Script & Storyboarding
Since the video is to explain functional minimalism, I decided the style of the video is also minimalistic. I used a series of motion graphics to demonstrate the differences before & after following functional minimalism.
App Concepts
The app prototype explains functional minimalism to audiences through comparing current and redesigned interfaces of Alipay. Current Alipay interfaces are full of information, which may cause information overload for users. In order to demonstrate functional minimalism, I changed the hierarchy, and interfaces, and deleted some unessential parts. Noted that my goal is to follow the minimalism in an extreme level, so other factors, such as user scenarios, were not considered.