iClicker 2.0

Interaction Design | Product Design
Individual Project
September - October 2018
Project Overview
With an undergrad in Mathematics and Economics, I profoundly experienced passive learning process in undergraduate fundamental education. Are you familiar with the awkward silence after professors asking questions? The design of iClicker update will improve the situation and more.
One of the biggest problems of undergraduate fundamental education for STEM majors is low classroom engagement. Students can rarely ask questions and get involved in active learning activities in large lecture rooms. At the same time, some professors in research universities have no intention to improve classroom engagement but efficiency. Over time, some students realize the passive learning in large lectures is no better than self learning, so that they often choose not to attend the lectures.
User Research
User Interview
I spoke to different stakeholders includes professors, students, and teaching assistants. The interviews helped me identify issues and confirm some of my assumptions in students' learning processes. Low classroom engagement and feedbacks not only impacts students' in-class study, but also throughout their circular learning processes.
Teaching Assistants
  • To keep attention from students, it is important to keep a lecture at certain pace.
  • With heavy amount of research work, professors do not have time and energy to improve lecture quality dramatically.
  • Students are more willing to provide feedbacks if they know many other students also have same problems.
  • Students prefer anonymous participation in lectures.
  • Learning efficiency of students is very low in large lectures.
  • TAs are not fully informed on students' knowledge absorption, so TA sessions are inefficient sometimes.
  • TAs are overwhelmed from students' questions during final periods, and office hours at this time are not personalized and helpful for each students.
Student Journey Map
Why students?
The journey map uses students as subjects. Although professors and TAs are involved in the process, students are most impacted stakeholders. Learning process of students go through the whole map, and they deal with most problems.
An anonymous questioning function through iClicker remotes during lectures, and upgraded iClicker appilcation and remotes to help all stakeholders be more inclusive in students' education.
Why iClikcer?
An iClicker is a radio frequency device that allows a student to take attendance, and anonymously respond to questions the instructor poses in class. Students participate in class activities using mobile devices, laptops, or iClicker remotes. Over 5,000 instructors and 7 million students use iClicker products in the classroom.
User Scenario
Final Deliverables